High Current Terminal Blocks and Spacers · Powerelements

Terms of an innovative product range

Since more than 25 years, Würth Elektronik has been bringing power to the PCB. Our technologies support you in reducing cable harnesses and can even render them redundant. We manage to accomplish this due to our Press-Fit Technology and selected Powerelements which can carry up to 1,000 ampere. Errors and risks of wiring and common flaws of soldering belong to the past. Our Press-Fit areas are gas-tight and reliable.

The Würth Elektronik Product Management Team is on hand with help and advice for you during the development process of high current terminals. That is why we offer designers the service of professionally applying power input, power distribution and electro mechanics for prototypes.

Würth Elektronik Powerelements ensure reliable connections which prove successful for years. In addition to many tests, our customers’ reports and tests have also given solid evidence that our technologies withstand even the harshest conditions.

Under the name “Powerelements” we have comprised our product range of high current terminal blocks and spacers:


PowerOne SMD






PowerBasket SMD



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