Intelligent Power and Control Systems from Würth Elektronik

Cost-effective, high-quality, compact, and durable: This is what sets the Würth Elektronik ICS product range apart. From simple components to complete system solutions. From standard to tailor-made. From press-fit technology established for decades to electronic control solutions.

Our product range includes intelligent solutions for:

  • Power management/handling of high currents
  • Signal transmission
  • Controlling functions
  • Human-machine communication in vehicles

We would be happy to draw on our 30+ years of experience to assist you. From the first idea through to the start of serial production and beyond.

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5 concepts for electrical systems in vehicles

Conventional central electrical systems

Circuit board-based electrical systems for switching and protecting all functions in the vehicle.

Possible applications:

  • Vehicles that are produced in large numbers
  • Vehicles that have a small number of electronic components

Cost efficient power boxes with customized solutions for power transmission, signal transfer and function control

The new Wurth Electronics ICS REDline Power Boxes are readily available and configured to be populated with ICS Power Boards, delivering an Ingress Protected solution that is customized to each specific application.

Possible applications:

  • Vehicles that are produced in small and large numbers
  • Vehicles with decentralized electrical systems
  • Vehicles with higher IP level requirements for power distribution

Modular electrical systems

Electrical systems that consist of multiple small modules. The modules can be combined in any manner desired. In that way a large number of different requirements and options can be covered. This solution offers a high degree of individualization and ease of modification.

Possible applications:

  • Vehicles in many different versions and with country or customer-specific options

Local electrical systems

Electrical systems that consist of multiple units. These units are general located close to the user which functions they control, e.g. air conditioning systems, lighting etc. The shorter wire paths result in savings of both power and weight.

Possible applications:

  • Large vehicles with long, complex wiring harnesses and large numbers of interconnections

New generation of central electrical systems with control and CAN modules on board

Electrical systems with electronic control modules on board that can be connected to the circuit board via plug&play. This solution makes it possible to realize logical functions based on the electronics. The software can map various options using the same hardware. CAN-capable modules can connect the central electrical systems to the existing network.

Possible applications:

  • Vehicles that are produced in large numbers
  • Vehicles in many different versions and / or with customer or country-specific options