High-voltage Solutions

Whether for hybrid or electric vehicles: The specially developed and produced high-voltage solutions for power distribution from Würth Elektronik ICS ideally complement the established portfolio of central electrical units and power boxes for 12/24 V vehicle electrical systems. The focus here is on solutions for manufacturers of mobile machines, special and commercial vehicles. However, the high voltage power distribution solutions based on PCB technology can also be implemented in other electric vehicles.

Many years of experience, proven know-how

With us, you rely on the highest expertise in the field of press-fit technology and the distribution of high currents on printed circuit boards. Our solutions in the field of HV on-board power supply architecture in a voltage range from 48 VDC to 950 VDC include:

  • Power Distribution Units
  • Junction Boxes and Filter Boxes
  • Carrier boards for battery cells
  • Specific AC solutions

Our Original Powerelements in press-fit technology are also used in power electronics of electric vehicles such as BMS, inverters, DC/DC converters and many more.

HV PDU Solutions

HV Power Distribution Units in the range from 60 VDC to 950 VDC for electric and hybrid vehicles.

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48 V Solutions

Solutions for power distribution in the range of 48 VDC voltage for small full electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles.

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Do you have a need for a suitable solution?

We will gladly advise you which products will serve you best for your application. On request, we will develop and produce customized solutions for you.

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