ICCS = Intelligent Control and Command Systems

With our intelligent ICCS controllers you can perform different functions in all types of vehicles. These are versatile to suit your needs:

  • With standard functions
  • With complex special functions
  • Integrated on power boards and central electrical units

Compact, powerful and easy to program – ICCS are the best solution when you:

  • are looking for an intelligent and efficient solution for control of functions in your vehicle
  • want to create a new CAN network or to expand an existing network
  • want to expand the existing system without a high cost
  • need a more compact solution
  • want to reduce the number of parts and installation costs
  • want to exchange data between different bus systems

ICCS Small Controllers

are intelligent controllers are packaged as relays. They enable creation of basic functions such as time delay or frequency monitoring for all kinds of vehicles.

ICCS CAN Controllers

are intelligent CAN bus controllers that act as a standalone solution, or can be used to enhance existing CAN networks.

ICCS Software Tools

With software tools ICCS SDK Plus the ICCS CAN controllers can be programmed. In addition, we provide supporting tools such as our Try & Buy Kits to help you to create programs.