Small, powerful, Nano ICCS: the small controllers are packaged as relays with 5 or 6 pins and can be connected to the circuit board using standard relay sockets.

Thanks to MSP430 16 Bit microcontroller with flash memory you can control functions which can be created with a digital input and relay change over contact, such as

Technical Data
General Information
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Operating voltage 12 V or 24 V version
Continuous current 20/30 A (NC/NO)
Breaking current max 60 A
Quiescent current <1 mA
Ingress protection IP 53
IP 65 with IP socket
e1 approval-no. 03 5688
Diagrams concept
  S1 S2 S3
Electronics' power linked standalone linked
Main power linked standalone standalone
Digital input standalone standalone linked
  • On S1, S2 and S3 types: Input is active on high level (positive logic input)
  • On S1 NEG and S2 NEG types: Input is active on low level (low-active logic input)
  • Diagrams S2 and S3: Relay contact potential free and it is able to switch battery or ground potential
  • Diagram S2: Relay contacts and power supply separated from the trigger


In the development phase, we offer support in creating programs. Please contact us. In the series phase we supply the Nano ICCS pre-programmed with the required function.


  • Total housing dimensions: 30 x 30 x 40 mm


IP65 Socket: ICS-102300

  • Specifically made relay socket for Nano / Micro series
  • Efficient mounting solution for harsh environments up to IP65

Mating connectors

  • Diagrams S1 and S3: Relay base with 5 x 6.3 mm faston acc. ISO/ SAE
  • Diagram S2: Relay base with 5 x 6.3 mm and 1 x 2.8 mm faston acc. ISO/ SAE

Data Sheet