Micro ICCS

Micro ICCS are small and powerful control units packaged as a relay with 9 pins, which can be connected to the circuit board over the 9 pin relay sockets. Thanks to MSP430 16 Bit microprocessor with flash memory they can be used for functions such as voltage or frequency monitoring with:

  • An analogue input
  • Three digital inputs
  • Up to two high side power outputs (alternative a relay output)
  • Open collector output for signals with max 2 W
Technical Data
General Information
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Limiting continuous current (relay output) 10/15 A (NC/NO)
Semiconductor output nominal load at 87/87a High side output:
5 A (12 V); 3 A (24 V) or
60 W (12 V); 75 W (24 V)
Status output C max 2 W
Quiescent 250 µA
EMC 95/54 EG; DIN 40839
Ingress protection IP 53 (for versions without potentiometer)
IP 65 achievable with specific socket
e1-approval 03 3218


  • Diagrams S3/S4: Relay contact is potential free and able to switch DC voltage
  • On some versions the analogue input is replaced by a build in potentiometer (pin 15 can still be used as a digital input)


In the development phase, we offer support in creating programs. Please contact us. In the series phase we supply the Micro ICCS pre-programmed with the required function.


  • Total housing dimensions: 30 x 30 x 40 mm


IP65 Socket: ICS-102300

  • Specifically made relay socket for Nano / Micro series
  • Efficient mounting solution for harsh environments up to IP65

Mating connectors

  • Relay base with 5 x 6.3 mm and 4 x 2.8 mm faston (acc. ISO/SAE)