ICCS PropCAN are graphically programmable controllers for controlling of proportional solenoids.

The triggering of the proportional valve is done via the pulse width modulated output (PWM) of the ICCS PropCAN. The valve current is detected by an integrated current measurement and can be adjusted accordingly. In addition to the valve control you can:

  • Integrate the required control logic by graphical programming
  • Eliminate further controllers
  • Use an externally accessible potentiometer for pre-setting of adjustment valves
  • Individually configure PWM parameters and a dithering signal via software

Application examples

  • Controller for mobile hydraulics
  • Autonomous mini control system for proportional valves
  • Control proportional valves by CAN Bus
  • PWM adjustment and control functions
Technical Data
General Information
Connector 9 Pins DIN
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 40 mm
Weight ~ 70 g
Operating temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
Ingress protection IP 53
Operating voltage Vsupply 9 to 30 V DC
Pre-fusing 5 A
Current consumption 30 mA
Processor type Freescale HCS08
Clock frequency 40 MHz
Flash memory 60 kB
RAM 4 kB
EEPROM 1 kB available for graphical programming
CAN Bus Interfaces
Acc. ISO 11898-2 High speed
Acc. CAN 2.0 B 29 Bits extended address identifier
Acc. CAN 2.0 A 11 Bits address identifier
Baud rate 20 kBit/s to 1000 kBit/s
(125 kBits/s default value)
Inputs / Outputs
Inputs/ Outputs Interfaces
2 Analogue inputs 1 x 0-11.4 V DC, 12 Bit
1 PWM valve output max 2.5 A / max 5 kHz
1 Open collector output or Analogue input max 2 W
0-11.4 V DC, 12 Bit
Inputs / outputs details
Analogue inputs
Input voltage max Vsupply
Measuring range 0-11.4 V DC
Resolution 12 Bit
Input resistance 22.6 kΩ
Digital outputs Open collector
Load power max 2 W
PWM outputs
PWM frequency 100 Hz to 5 kHz
Duty cycle 0 to 100 %
Resolution 0.1 %
Load current Continuous 2.5 A (max 5 A)

Pin assignment
Pin Pin description Function
1 X Analogue input 0-10 V
2 30 Vcc Main power supply 9-30 V DC
3 C Analogue input 0-10 V or open collector output
4 15 Analogue input 0-10 V
5 B Valve connection Pin B
6 31 Ground
7 H CAN Bus High
8 A Valve connection pin A
9 L CAN Bus Low


Programming the ICCS PropCAN is carried out using ICCS SDK Plus software.

In the development phase, we support you in the creation of programs.

If you prefer to create your parameters or create programs by yourself try our software development kit ICCS SDK Plus which you can borrow for three month free of charge.