Lightweight construction contributes to soil-friendly sugar beet harvesting

Würth Elektronik ICS equips the Terra Felis 3 from Holmer

The protection of the soil and its structure is an essential target in the agricultural machinery sector. In order to achieve this goal and to minimize the strain on the soil, the weight of agricultural machinery is kept as low as possible. Würth Elektronik ICS therefore developed a central electrical unit for the Terra Felis 3 from Holmer Maschinenbau GmbH, world market leader for self-propelled sugar beet harvesters, which is robust, light and easy to handle.

The central electrical unit individually developed by Würth Elektronik ICS for Holmer has the following advantages:

  • Replacement of the two previously remarkably large, hand-wired switch cabinets
  • Fulfilment of typical requirements such as shock, vibration, temperature and current carrying capacity
  • Assumption of tasks, such as complete signal distribution, power and relay switching, flasher control and acoustic function signalling via buzzer
  • More compact, clearer, easier to install, quicker to commission and more convenient to maintain
  • Saving of raw materials and manufacturing energy

Large, hand-wired control cabinets before, compact central electrical units after