Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Wurth Electronics ICS HMI solutions are based on a mechanical and electrical platform that enable fast and cost efficient custom designs for different customer use cases. Based on this platform we offer customer specific HMI solutions from simple passive LED symbol clusters up to complex intelligent CAN based multiple key pads with integrated digital displays, as well as standard solutions such as the LED 6 Way Symbol Cluster.

Advantages of the HMI platform at a glance

  • Stability, robustness, vibration resistance
  • Compact solution: a large number of switching functions in a confined space
  • Reduction of the complexity of the whole system
  • Optimal use of the available installation space
  • Reduction of cable connections
  • High number of switching cycles for the integrated switches
  • Improvement in EMC by embedding the signals in a ground surface
  • Improved electrical characteristics
  • Optimal heat management due to sealant solutions

6 Way Symbol Cluster has 6 configurable visual signals with different symbols and colors for your purpose