Customer-specific HMIs

In the field of customer-specific HMIs, we offer economic complete solutions customized to your individual needs, which can easily be integrated into your existing systems.

The basis of our HMI platform is a circuit board. This has a double function as carrier of the foil or silicon rubber membrane on the top side and the electronics on the reverse side. The foil or membrane is hermetically sealed with the circuit board, resulting in extremely flat solution.

The HMI panels can be individually fitted with the following features:

  • Directly integrable: touchscreens, graphic displays, symbols, icons, video channel, 7-segment TFT, LCD, LED, fluorescent printing, warning lamps, tank indicators, time meters, etc.
  • Mechanical switches
  • Special operating elements: potentiometers, press buttons, joysticks, etc.
  • Backing of the entire front or individual buttons with an electroluminescent foil: button illumination, night design
  • Insertion strips for individual button labeling: variable design and different languages possible
  • UV protection built into the foil
  • Reserve outputs for additional functions and devices
  • Water-tight or water-repellent according to the IP65 standard

Are you interested in our customer-specific solutions for display and control panels? We will develop a solution customized to your needs and in cooperation with you. Please contact us!